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Book Publishing for Entrepreneurs
By Dr. Daryl D. Green

With this rapid pace of technology and increasing access to information, the world is a land of opportunities for those who have the knowledge. An individual in the 21st century has the opportunities to influence millions of people across the globe. Unfortunately, many do not know how to do it. Publishing a book is a great start.

When I wrote my first book, it took me two months to write and less than a year to get published (it normally takes 18 months to three years to get published). People were amazed at my publishing accomplishments. It changed my life. I was asked to speak at events. Co-workers wanted my advice. Audience wanted to listen to my messages. Since that time, I have given insights to thousands of people.

One of the fastest ways to influence others is by sharing your expertise in the form of writing. Can you afford not to use this method to beat your competition? Publishing a book provides one of the quickest ways to be recognized as a published author. Sadly, I know that most individuals will not see their material published. Most people do not possess that special internal motivation.

Gaining influence is therefore critical in achieving any substantial level of success in life. When an individual has a platform as a writer, people tend to listen. This article provides individuals with a proven method of getting published. You also gain more influence at work and in your community. This discussion is geared toward nonfiction in such areas as self-help, "how-to," biography, business subjects, management areas, and a host of information rich subjects. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, consultant, a minister, lecturer, educator, professional speaker, politician, trainer, author, entrepreneur, or anyone else with a desire to share information, this article will help transform your dreams.

With the emergence of new publishing technology and easy access to the world via the Internet, the publishing world is in a state of constant change and uncertainty. Publishing is a business that most serious writers ignore. There are over 60,000 books being published annually. The mergers of the major publishers, the advent of the large booksellers such as Barnes & Nobles and, and niche marketing of small, independent publishers continue to reshape the industry standards. Contrary to popular beliefs, the majority of the books (over 53 percent) are purchased outside of the traditional bookstores. The major purpose for traditional publishers is to turn a profit. Therefore, they look for broad subject books with mass appeal.

In the past, the traditional path to publishing was (a) write a manuscript (book),
(b) locate a literary agent (your salesperson), (c) find the right publisher, (d) submit the manuscript for review, (e) receive publishing deal from publisher, and (f) get published and get paid. Times have changed. The major publishers continue to lose money. They can't afford to risk publishing an unknown writer. Therefore, large publishers prefer to: (a) publish proven, established writers, (b) celebrities, (c) mark key names, and (b) authors with a large, establish following. However, you can increase your publishing successfully with my simple nine steps, which are:

1. Determine Publishing Goals
A professional must first establish his or her publishing objectives. What do you hope to accomplish in publishing your book? Influence? Expertise? Wealth? It's important to answer this question upfront.

2. Establish Desired Outcomes
Determine what you expect as a result of publishing a book is critical. Many writers enter the publishing world with zero expectations.

3. Review other similar books
Evaluate similar books in your subject area. Determine to make your book better.

4. Set a deadline for book completion
Some "would be" authors have good intentions but never fulfill their dreams of being published. One of the key problems is failure to set a publishing deadline and completing it.

5. Write book manuscript aimed at a problem
Most novice authors write a book for themselves. Consider writing a book to solve a problem for others or a market problem. Everyday people are looking for solutions to their problems.

6. Develop a book marketing strategy
Many writers fail without a good plan. However, effective business people use a plan for implementing their business. Consider how you can best launch your book to your target readers.

7. Select the preferred publishing method
Authors should consider their preferred publishing method. The 21st century has provided an array of different methods for publishing. We prefer the outright control of the self-publishing approach or using a publishing portal. We call our approach Entrepreneur Publishing. Want to publish fast and effective? Please consider the following publishing portals: Xlibris (,Lulu (, or Outskirtspress (

8. Track book results and compare with desired outcome
Once the book is published continue to track your results against your desired outcome. Did you accomplish your goal? Continue to measure results.

9. Get feedback from target audience
Seek to improve your writing style and marketing. Get feedback from your readers when possible. It will help improve the quality of your books.

As an entrepreneur, gaining influence is important in the market. These nine steps provide you a publishing strategy. Being a published author will change your life. You can use your book to obtain royalties, get new business, and promote other products. You can also use it to indulge your ego, bolster your self-confidence, and gain the admiration of other people even become a celebrity. The sky is the limit. However, remember, the rewards you collect are based on your energy and your desire to do what it takes to make those rewards yours.

Everyone has the potential to write a book. Don't let obstacles prevent you from reaching your dreams. Start today!

Daryl D. Green, who is an international business strategist, has over 17 years of management experience, dealing with a variety of million-dollar projects. He is considered one of the savviest emerging writers of his generation. Mr. Green is a nationally syndicated columnist, the author of several books, and has had more than 100 articles published globally. He has been noted and quoted by USA Today and Associated Press. Get a copy of his ebook, Book Publishing for Professionals, on or contact him on
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